2023 Parish Garden Competition Winners

The Bermuda Parish Gardening Competition was initiated to encourage and celebrate our residents who have a garden within the community. Gardening improves food insecurity among individuals and families, promoting healthy living and offering consistent access to healthy foods.

The categories are Small Garden, Large Garden, Non-Traditional Garden, School Garden, and Community Garden.

To ensure everyone has an opportunity to learn how to grow their own food, Chaplin Dr. Kevin Santucci and the Department of Health, in partnership with kind volunteers, Non-Governmental Agencies, and the Department of Parks, started the Grow Eat Save gardening program and the Bermuda Parish Gardening Competition.

There were 103 entrants this year.

  • 25 Small Garden
  • 16 Large Garden
  • 24 Non-traditional Garden
  • 19 Schools
  • 19 Community Garden

The 2023 Bermuda Parish Garden Competition Ceremony was held on June 22, 2023. A list of winners and participants follows.

Overall Winner - Bermuda Parish Gardening Competition

Warwick Academy


  • 1st Place - Mr. Shannon Philpott
  • 2nd Place - Mrs. Victoria Saltus
  • 3rd Place - Ms. Angela Young

Honorable Mention

  • Mrs. Sandra Burrows
  • Mrs. Margaret Giloth
  • Mr. Akeem Albouy
  • Mrs. Maricel Correia
  • Ms. Lelanie Golajer
  • Ms. Rosa Ward


  • Mr. Aldon Samuels
  • Mr. Edward Ball
  • Mr. Steve M.C. Smith
  • Dr. Marisa Stones
  • Mr. Liam Stones
  • Mrs. Nadine Breeze
  • Ms. Brigitta Wohlmuth
  • Mrs. Peri Nolan-Trott
  • Ms. Andrea Mckey
  • Ms. D. Noah Ascento

Large Garden

  • 1st Place - Mrs. Janet Smith
  • 2nd Place - Dr. Nicole Harford
  • 3rd Place - Mr. Nahshon Hollis

Honorable Mention

  • Dr. Edwin Smith
  • Mr. Hugh Norbert Seymour
  • Mr. George Andrew Simons CDP


  • Mr. Chris Philips

Non-Traditional Garden

  • 1st Place - Mrs. La-Keesha Bean
  • 2nd Place - Ms. Rosa Ward 2nd
  • 3rd Place - Mrs. Deanne DeSilva

Honorable Mention

  • Mrs. Denise Goring
  • Ms. Dionne Tuzo
  • Mrs. Marie Stewart
  • Miss Alandra Swan
  • Miss. Heather Thomas
  • Ms. Jennifer Trott


  • Ms. Kenya Wales
  • Mr. Christopher Smith
  • Mr. Wesley Trott
  • Mr. Dale Butler

School Gardens: Presented by Chief Inspector Darrin Glasford

School Garden (Preschool) 

  • 1st Place - Warwick Pre-School
  • 2nd Place - Lagoon Park Pre-School

School Garden (Primary School)   

  • 1st Place - Paget Primary School
  • 2nd Place - Gilbert Institute
  • 3rd Place - Somerset Primary

Honorable Mention

  • Victor Scott Primary School
  • St. Georges Preparatory
  • Francis Patton Primary School
  • West Pembroke Primary School
  • Harrington Sound Primary School
  • East End Primary School

School Garden (Middle School)

  • 1st Place - Warwick Academy
  • 2nd Place - Dellwood Middle School
  • 3rd Place - Chatmore British International School

School Garden (High School)

  • 1st Place - CedarBridge Academy

Community Garden: Presented by Chaplain Dr. Kevin Santucci 

  • 1st Place - Ms. Sabrina & Sheila Wilkinson
  • 2nd Place - Mr. Antoine Lambert
  • 3rd Place - Ms. Michely Vivar

Honorable Mention

  • Ms. Susan Hill Davidson
  • Mr. Charles Marshall
  • Mr. Antoine Lambert
  • Plot 4 – Rosa Ward
  • Miss Colina Outerbridge
  • Mrs. Caroline Butterfield-Pitt


  • Mrs. Scherene Bailey
  • Renaissance Re