Government of Bermuda - Service Delivery

The Bermuda Government list of services impacted by the recent cyber incident. This list will be updated regularly.

This page was last updated on 1st December, 2023.

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health Accounts
  • The Ministry of Health Accounts will continue to accept cash and cheque payments for the Sylvia Richardson Care Facility and Lefroy House Care Community customers at the Ministry of Health headquarters.
Health Insurance Department
  • Should you have any other questions, please contact the Health Insurance Department at 295-9210.
Bermuda Health Council
Health Fax Numbers for referrals etc.
  • Child Health Clinics, Travel & Immunisations - 292-4420
  • Community Health & DoH Social Worker 292-7627
  • OT PT and SLP referrals 292-7627
  • Hamilton Oral Health Section 296-0041
  • Environmental Health 232-1941
  • Office of the Chief Medical Officer 296-3283
  • Epidemiology and Surveillance 296-3283

Ministry of Home Affairs

Land Valuation
  • The Department can undertake on-site inspections for new builds and requests for properties in an uninhabitable condition. 
  • The public can access the Department’s website: to look at property addresses, Annual Rental Values (ARVs) and historic ARVs.
  • The Department is currently, unable to create new assessment numbers or update existing Annual Rental Values.

Ministry of Finance

Operations Section
  • The Ministry of Finance operations section can answer queries and accept documentation from taxpayers such as manual tax filling forms, registration forms, payment receipts for payments on accounts. E-tax payments can be made online by taxpayers.
  • They can accept Stamp Duty forms such as applications for adjudication and Primary Family Homestead certificates. Stamp Duty staff are available to assist with telephone and front desk queries.
Social Insurance
  • The Department of Social Insurance office is open for people to make cash, cheques, and debit/credit card payments. Persons can also make online payments and bank transfers.
Registrar of Companies
  • All registration functions are available online through the RoC web portal. All search functions are normal be they in person searches our through the RoC portal. License applications can also be processed as normal through the RoC portal.
  • All online payment functions are available.
Payroll and land tax
  • Payroll and land tax can be paid online. Government’s E-1 accounting system is live.

The Ministry of Youth, Social Development and Seniors

Aging and Disability Services
  • ADS are still accepting walk-in clients.
  • Home visits will continue as needed.
  • Emergencies will be managed between ADS, Bermuda Health Council (in relation to Residential Care Homes complaints emergencies), and the Bermuda Police Service, depending on the nature of the reported matter.
The Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS)
  • Please call 335-9095 for 24hr reporting of new child abuse referrals.
  • For all administrative matters or generally queries contact 332-0091.
  • The public be advised to contact our Kidsline (278-9111) if they want to report cases of Child Abuse.

The Ministry of Education

Libraries and Archives
  • Libraries are operating with full service to public.
  • Archives are operating with partial service to public (no research service).

The Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitution Reform

  • All Magistrates’ Court cases are proceeding as normal. The Supreme Court is hearing limited matters, which will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Cashiers are still up, but are only processing payments manually. Warrants can be processed on a limited basis.
  • If any member of the public has questions about the status of their criminal trial, please reach out to witness care officers on their cell phones and provide as much information as possible. Your call will be returned as soon as practicable.
  • Trials in the Magistrates’ court will proceed.
National Drug Control Treatment Centre
  • The National Drug Control Treatment Centre is functioning as per curriculum.
Legal Aid
  • Legal Aid is dealing with clients who attend the office and continue to assist clients/members of the public with the application process. Counsel are attending court.
Consumer Affairs
  • Consumer Affairs/Rent Control is operating as normal.
Publics Lands and Buildings
  • All public facing services remain operational.